Thursday, April 28, 2005

Today's Frustration

So, I talked to CitiMortgage yesterday, so verify what the closing agent told me on Monday about when I would get my checks in the mail. To recap, the closing agent told me I would have the checks on Friday(tomorrow). I called Citi, to see if I could get them Fedex'ed, so I would have them in the morning and be able to go get the bike at a reasonable time.

Of course, Citi told me it would be 6 working days before I got the checks. And, since 6 working days is Tuesday, it will probably be Wednesday or so, since no one will be home to sign for the delivery.

I know that guy is going to sell the three bikes before next weekend. I think I may go down there tomorrow, and at least put down a deposit.

This blows. I am SO tired of having problems getting this motorcycle. I'm starting to wonder if God is sending me a message.

Maybe when I am down there, I can see if Yamaha can finance me, and use that financing to take the bike home, and pay it off next week with the HELOC.

I am so incredibly frustrated, it's not even slightly funny.

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