Friday, April 22, 2005

Poor phone book entry

There is an entry in the yellow pages here in Jax that says there is a welding supply store down the road from my work. I went down there, to check it out and see what kind of stuff they sell there. I may need to get some magnetic clamps to help with my trailer welding, so I wanted to see what was available.

The store is co-located with Tulsa Welding School, so I figured I could ask them about their classes as well.

TWS' shortest class is 3 months, Mon-Fri, 9-5, and costs $7000. The only other course of study is 7 months, and is like $11,000. So much for the idea of taking a two or three day class to get started in welding.

The Lincoln Welding store that was listed in the phone book is really one guy, who is there a couple of hours a day, and only sells wholesale. Why was this guy listed in the yellow pages under welding supply - retail?

What a waste of time. And it was particularly frustrating because it took me three days to get down there to check out the store, so I felt like I had wasted three days thinking about that store. Frustrating.

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