Thursday, April 07, 2005

Hospital Day #4

Today is the big day. Courtney's surgery is scheduled for 7:45 am. They came to get her at 6:30 for pre-op. Every nurse we saw downstairs in the surgery ward asked if she had anything to eat this morning.

Once they took her back to surgery, I went into the waiting room and read half a book. Doc Edwards came out and let me know that everything went well, and he did see evidence of chronic inflammation on her gall bladder. He told me he looked around and didn't see anything else that looked bad.

Post op recovery went the way it was expected to.

When we got back to the room, we were disappointed to learn that Skyler wasn't our nurse for the day. Apparently, today was supposed to be an extra shift for her, and she decided not to take the shift, and catch up on some sleep.

On the plus side, Erin was our nurse, and she was nearly as awesome.

On the minus side, the gas pains caused by the CO2 were much worse this time than after Re's appendectomy.

We had a new nurse from 3-11, Timothy. He was pretty cool too.

We noticed a trend; almost all of the nurses employed by Baptist Health are great, and the nurses that are employed by an agency suck big fat balls.

Today was mostly unremarkable after the surgery, Courtney spent most of the day pretty doped up.

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