Friday, April 08, 2005

Hospital Day #5

Courtney may be able to go home today, if the pain is manageable.

The gas pain attacks came back twice today. That really sucks. Courtney is in incredible amounts of pain, and nothing I do makes it any better. One attack lasted for 45 minutes. I bet Re thought it was 45 hours.

Erin is our nurse today again, and Skyler is back at work and stopping by occasionally.

Courtney's gas pains came back twice this morning. Both attacks were horrible.

On the plus side, the gall bladder pain is completely gone, so hopefully they fixed that.

There have been some minor complications, and Courtney is still in a lot of pain, so we won't be going home till tomorrow.

I am starting to feel like I have always lived in the hospital.

We have another new nurse tonight, and she is another Baptist nurse. The theory is being held up every time we meet a new nurse.

Courtney is off of the IV pain meds, as of 6 pm. That is a big step towards getting home.

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