Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Crushing Disappointment

That's what I felt today at lunch. I went to Ron Turner to put a deposit on the bike, so they wouldn't sell it before the starter checks got here.

On Friday, the bike was third in the row. When I walked in, I was a little freaked out, because there was a gap in the row of bikes. Then I saw the black bike, it was fifth in the row. No problem, they just moved it.

Until I got close, and saw that the black bike was an R1, not my R6. They sold the R6 on Saturday. The only day they have been open since I was in there on Friday.

If I had more confidence in Ed St John(mortgage broker), I would have put a deposit down on Friday. I was worried that he was wrong about something, and the loan wouldn't come in, and then I would have been out $500.

As a friendly warning, I am in a piss poor mood now.

God damn it.
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