Friday, April 22, 2005

Is this guy full of crap?

There is a dealership in Camden County, Ga where the guy says he can order me a black 2005 R6, for $1000 cheaper than I can get one on the showroom floor here in Jax.

The only problem is that I have talked to four other dealers, and they all said they couldn't get a black R6, or that it would be 2-4 months before they got another one. This guy in Georgia says he can get it in 1-2 wks, max.

Is he full of crap? Seems unlikely that this ONE dealership can get a bike that no one else within 100 miles can get. I don't want to pass on the bike that is here, ready to take home, and then find out that the guy can't really get the bike, and this one that is here gets sold. Then I am out the bike until at least the middle of summer. That is a lot of lost riding time.

A thousand bucks is still a thousand bucks.

What to do?

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Anonymous said...

Never believe anyone from Georgia!