Thursday, April 14, 2005

New architecture for WebApps

I decided to rework the web apps backend. I had originally written the app as a straight web app, with no OOD. Recently, after getting frustrated at having to open a browser, log in, wait for pages to load, select a page, and type values, I decided that I was going to rework the app some.

I decided to put all the functionality of the webapp into a webservice, and make the web app just call the webservice. I also decided to create objects that represent the different items that can be added, and use those objects to perform inserts & updates, instead of just passing text values.

With the new architecture, I am going to be able to design a desktop app that accesses the same functionality. For V1, I am going to just set up the desktop app to add items. V1.5 will have modify abilities added in.
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