Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Hospital Day #2

I don't really know if this counts as day #2 or a continuation of day #1. For my purposes, this day starts at 5am, Tuesday, April 5th 2005. We went to sleep last night(this morning) at 5 am. This account isn't really about my complaints, but 24 hours without sleep, and dealing with the ER to boot, is a long time. I was pretty damn dog tired by the time we got to crash. Re was pretty wiped too; she was dealing with pain the whole time.

Nurses were here at 8 to wake Courtney and get her ready for the Hida scan. The first part of the scan was 90 minutes. Courtney's gall bladder didn't show up on the scan the first time. They had her wait for 30 minutes, then re-did the scan. The tech told Courtney during the scan that a normal gall bladder would contract when they injected the medicine. Courtney saw on the screen that her gall bladder did not contract.
The surgeon(Dr. Edwards) came in during the afternoon. He told Courtney that there was an 80% chance that all of her pain was due to the gall bladder. He couldn't be sure, because the second scan was supposed to cause her a ton of pain. Since she was already in so much pain, and on such strong drugs, Courtney couldn't tell a difference during the second scan. Dr. Edwards recommended surgery as the best course of action, and told Re he would try to get her in surgery the next day or the day after that.

Dr. Edwards specifically told Courtney she could eat anything she wanted for dinner, but that if she ate something fatty, it would cause additional pain. While I was out getting lunch earlier, I picked up some chicken fingers for Re, and put them in the fridge, in case they let her have food. Two people heard Doc Edwards tell Courtney she could eat.

Courtney woke up several times during the night, and ate more chicken fingers. This was the first real food she had in two full days, so she was understandably hungry.

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