Friday, May 06, 2005

What is the deal?

Several times now, I have asked for your input in the form of comments. How come no one ever leaves a comment except for the occasional stranger? Where the hell is my family? This media is a two-way communications technology.

Get with the program, folks.
Listening to: Friends of Mine - Bowling for Soup - A Hangover You Don't Deserve (02:18)


Courtney said...

So now I'm a stranger?

Cullen Waters said...

Correction - stranger and (2) family members. Who both put comments on (1) post.

And besides, everyone knows you aren't included in the group, crazy.

Anonymous said...

Maybe its your family's way of letting you know that they don't really like you.


Courtney said...


Mom said...

Definitely NOT your family's way of saying they don't like you. And the only time I understood you to ask for a comment was a cool name for your bike...just haven't come up with one I really like yet. Thought about Windstorm...Midnight..Blaze ....couple of others, but haven't found the one I really like yet.

Mindy said...

La Foudre Noire Du Papa (French)=

Daddy's Black Lightning

kinda cute I think :)

Pita :) said...

Sorry about not commenting on your random thoughts, alot of it goes WAY over my head. I also thought it was just a way to vent, not a venue for communication between family members. By the way this family member does like you....most of the time. LOL