Thursday, May 12, 2005

Developer Summit is over

The 1st annual FNDS dev summit is over now. We spent the last three days meeting from 11-2 about dev stuff. It was a pretty good experience. Slow at times, but mostly worthwhile.

I talked to James today, and he has set aside some time for me to chat with him tomorrow about my status as an employee/contractor. It sounds like everything is going to be okay. That is a huge load off my mind.

Guess that's it for now.
Listening to: Way Away - Yellowcard - Ocean Avenue (03:22)


Mom said...

Didn't know you were worried about your status at work...and thought you were already a full time employee...

Cullen Waters said...

I have been working full time, but as a contractor. There have been a LOT of management changes since I started, so the guy who is my immediate manager is no longer the decision maker on hires. His boss, who is now in charge of all developers, told me yesterday that he thought there would be no problem with my rollover. I am meeting with him today to talk about the rollover, and hopefully get some feedback about my performance.