Thursday, May 05, 2005

Need a cool name

I need some kind of name for my bike. Something that reflects the mean look and power of my motorcycle. The paint scheme is called 'Raven', but I can't use just that, because everyone's black R6 is a Raven.

Suggestions are welcome, leave a comment with your name idea.
Listening to: Out on My Own - Keith Urban - Keith Urban/The Ranch (1 of 2) (04:56)


Anonymous said...

What about the Black Hole because it's going to suck you and our money in.

Cullen Waters said...

Well, I was hoping for something a little less negative, but that is definitely an option. And a funny one at that.

You sure are feisty this afternoon.

u da bestest

Cullen Waters said...

What about SR-71?

Cullen Waters said...

or Nachtfalke?