Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Crunch Time

So, I have my first experience with 'Crunch Time' this week. Pretty much, it sucks.

For those not in the software development industry, crunch time is when the managers of a software development project realize that it's only a few days until release, and we haven't even finished designing the system yet. So, they get all freaked out, and start running around in panic mode, and say things like 'all development must be done by Friday'.

The thing about crunch time is that it is totally avoidable. Most of the time, devs have been warning management that there is a lot of work remaining, and mgmt has been blowing them off.
In my company for example, our qa(testing) department has not touched the new version of our flagship application, despite the fact that it has been in development for over a year. So, this week, they decide maybe it's time to do some testing(30 days before we go live with our first client).

So, mgmt decides that the development group (me & 2 other guys) need to have all of the open bugs completed before the end of the week(the deadline given to the qa department).

We worked until midnight last night(16 hours for me). We got a bunch of issues fixed. I checked in like 40 files yesterday. When we got in this morning, our bug list had almost doubled, since the qa dept is finally doing their job.

How are we supposed to complete all of these bugs when the number of bugs is doubling daily? There are only three of us.

I have the answer: 16 hour days until it's done. Of course, Re is fairly unhappy with that solution. As am I, since I don't get to see either of my girls very much at all.

The frustrating part is that we have been begging for the qa dept to start testing for months. Most of these bugs would have been fixed long ago if they had done so. bahstahds.
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