Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Complete a referral, please

So, I decided to start doing this thing to get a free mp3 player. The deal is that I have to complete a free offer(I signed up for BMG music, and got 11 free cds and had to pay for just 1).

Then, I have to get five of you guys to sign up for one of the free offers. There are a large selection of offers to choose from, some of the coolest are the music, book, and video clubs.

Dad, I think you should join one of the book clubs. You only have to sign up and get the first deal(like 6 or 7 books for $1).

Anyway, to complete an offer, just go to this address:

Please make sure you complete the offer from this address, and not by typing in the url. If you don't use this link, I don't get credit.

Anyways, thanks for taking a look at the offers, and thanks even more if you complete an offer.

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