Wednesday, May 18, 2005

It's a trend

I always wondered if it was a one time thing. Maybe he just didn't take the work seriously because it was the summer, and he wasn't getting credit(so therefore couldn't fail). When I hear of programming positions that open up, I consider calling him to let him know, and maybe giving him a positive comment.

I wonder if I am just being childish and holding a grudge.

Then I see this. I am right on this one. My original stance is my current stance.

Never, ever, in a million years, will I work with this person again. Just look at the shit he brags about: Goober of the Year Award

What kind of jackass gets such a kick out of disrupting a training session? Great, glad you don't need the training. Someone else in the room did, and you prevented them from getting it. Good job. You're the head ass in the room.


Emily said...

Wow. Guess you forgot you gave Brian your blog address. I'm really amazed at how hateful you sound towards him. I'm actually the one who pushed him to get in touch with you because I missed having a friendship with you and Courtney. And he too was hoping you'd start communicating with us. We've been through a lot in the time we haven't seen you and Brian has changed a lot despite the impression you apparently got from his blog. Brian's not the type to begrudge people other training. He's a regular cut-up at his job and his boss and everyone he works with loves him because he makes work fun. He never makes it so they don't learn what they need to...his boss wouldn't allow that. And for the first time in his life he loves his job. And for the first time in his life he takes his performance seriously. He's going places finally, because he is working with the right people and for a boss who knows exactly how smart he is, and it encourages him to do his best. And if I can say this about Brian, you know it is accurate and true. I hope you'll reconsider what you wrote about him - not reconsider posting it but that you actually don't know him as well as you once did. I haven't mentioned what you wrote and he hasn't seen it - except for the anonymous comment, but I won't tell him who left that either. I know it would hurt him to know what you wrote. What you wrote makes me sad. I've had nothing but happy thoughts about you and Courtney and your daughter and I'm always glad you are doing well.

Cullen Waters said...

I didn't leave any comments on your blog.

Emily said...

That's it? Ok - guess I'll go with my original theory that it was a family member being a smart-ass. Probably his mom. Well at least you answered that question for me. Thanks. Don't take my words the wrong way. I'm too old to be anything but sad - not mad. And I still wish you and Courtney the best. I guess I forget you are younger than us and perhaps you still have a lot of life lessons to learn - but somehow you seemed smarter when I knew you - emotionally smarter I mean. And you seemed kinder. Again I'm not saying any of this to be mean. I guess I'm just taken aback by what you wrote and a bit confused by the emotions I could see behind it. But maybe like you said - it is a grudge. Grudges have a way of taking over sometimes. It seems Brian and you are not friends for two different reasons. What marked that "break up" seems to be two different stories. And like I said, we've been through A LOT in the past two and a half years and maybe what happened between you and him was the beginning of the hell he and I just went through. I always think the end of your friendship did mark the beginning of that "bad" time for us. And I wonder why you are so quick to judge. I wonder if you've never made poor decisions. I wonder if you've done things perfectly in your life with no regrets. It may have taken him two and a half tumultuous years to get over his grudge but he did and that says a hell of a lot to me about him. He has come a long way and you have no idea what his journey was like. Maybe it'll take you longer but I hope you do get over it. Cullen, I will choose to remember the good things about you, and Courtney of course, because that is my choice. I will flood my mind with how kind you could be and let only that reach me (sorry so sappy I know), but I refuse to let your (hopefully temporary) hatred mar my memory of you. I just can't. My thoughts will be with you both.