Friday, May 20, 2005

Bike News

I worked on the bike a bit yesterday. I got all of my new accessories and modifications completed.
  • Side marker lights(removed ugly stock front turn signals)
  • Tank pad(protects the tank finish from zipper scratches)
  • Integrated garage door opener(works when I hit the horny horn)

It was a lot of fun. Working on the Yamaha is a blast. Everything is easily accessible, and laid out pretty logically.

I will be posting a big writeup about the garage door opener. I have seen a couple of other guys online who wired theirs into the high beam headlights, but that seemed inelegant to me. The button on a garage door opener is a momentary switch, normally open. The high beam circuit is controlled by a two-state switch. The horn button more closely matches the original circuit's layout.

Plus, the high beam guy has to use some workarounds. If his highs are on when he gets home, he has to turn them off and back on to get the door to open. That shows the downside of changing a momentary switch to a two-stater. I think the transmitter in his opener is probably getting heated up, and turning off, which is why he has to 'reset' it by flicking the highs off and back on.

Pictures tomorrow.
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