Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Personal Projects

I have several personal projects to announce:

  • I am creating an FTP client. I will be distributing this as freeware, from my site, once it is done.
  • I am working on an add-in for Windows Media Player that adjusts your playback volume based on the rating you give your songs. So, if you go through the library tab and give every song a rating from 1-5 stars, your volume level is adjusted proportionally. This product will probably be sold for around $5, through my site.
  • Broderick and I are starting to develop an asteroids-type game together. Broderick is one of my coworkers. We worked on a project together, and it went really well. I think we are going to make this freeware, but if it's good enough, we may make it shareware, and sell it through the site.
  • I am going to start development on an inventory tracking application soon. I want to sell this one, so I am going to be in design mode for a while, and will eventually be soliciting beta testers for it.
To support this, I am probably going to have to move my webserver offsite, and use a hosting company. I won't be doing so until I have a commercial application ready to go, to help offset the cost of hosting. That should really improve the speed of the sites, though.

It's an exciting time, even if I never get to all of these items. I have a feeling that Mik will keep me from completing all of them, or maybe any of them. She is so cute, though.

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