Monday, March 28, 2005

Busy, Tiring weekend

I didn't get all that much sleep this weekend. Friday morning, Courtney woke up with extreme abdominal pain. We called her doctor, and they told us that we needed to go to the hospital(again). Courtney's pain subsided a little, and she went back to sleep.

We headed to the new Baptist South hospital around noon on Friday. They were full. Not the ER, but the whole hospital. No open beds. So, we ended up waiting like 3 hours before they were ready for Re. Since sitting up hurt her really badly, she and Tiffany went to Tiff's house, and Re took a nap on Tiff's bed. I sat at the hospital, and waited for them to call her name.

Once she got back to the ER, it was another hour before a doctor came to see her. They did some blood work, and got an ultrasound of Courtney's abdomen, and basically told her they didn't know what was wrong with her. She didn't have an infection, or kidney stones, or gall stones, or anything else that would show up in the ultrasound or blood work. They gave her a prescription for pain, and sent her on her way.

She was in pain all weekend. Since it was her stomach that was hurting, she couldn't help out with Mik too much. I took the point on caring for Mikayla again. What a dad, right? Except that little booger wore me out like you wouldn't believe.

We spent Sunday at Granny Coates' house, and all the family oohed and ahhed over MyKayla. Mik seemed to have a really good time hanging out with everyone, and was really tired when we got home.

We got in the tub after having our dinner at like 8:45 or so. Mik was calm during her bath, just enjoying and relaxing. When we got out of the tub, she seemed fussy, so I gave her another ounce of formula(5 ounces over 2 hours). That was a mistake. She fell right asleep on my chest, and I put her in her crib. She woke up like 20 minutes later. I went to get her out of her crib, and put her back to sleep, when she threw up all over us.

So, back in tub for us. Another bath, more chilling out, and we were back in the feeding mode. Poor kid puked up all her food; it seemed like she must have puked up food she ate a month ago, there was so much.

After she was cleaned and fed again, she fell right asleep. So I put her in her crib. She woke up 10 minutes later. So I went and put her back to sleep, and back in her crib. 10 minutes later, she is crying. The kid finally went to sleep after 12 pm.

She woke up around 4:40 because her blankets had been kicked off. I gave her her passy, and recovered her, and she went right back to sleep.

I felt so bad for her, and then I had to wake her up at 7. That is quite a bit less sleep than she is used to. She is probably pretty tired today, and granny and papi are planning to take her on a bunch of errands today. Poor little girl is going to be exhausted by tonight.

Man, it has been a rough year for Courtney's belly area. I feel so bad for her, especially since there isn't anything I can do for her.

Oh yeah, I'm a little tired today too.

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mom said...

that hurts. thought you were coming here sunday if courtney was up to being out of the house.