Sunday, March 06, 2005


Well, my r/c plane(trainer) and helicopter and car are all built. I haven't built anything in quite a while(except baby furniture), and I am starting to get the itch again. I think I am going to buy another r/c plane kit, and start building it. I am going to hold off for at least a week or two, though, so I can see if I will have the time to mess with it.

When I do get the kit, I think I am going to build the structure without most of the systems, since that stuff gets expensive(especially radio gear). I really like the building the most, so I am going to focus on that. I may try to sell the plane at a local hobby shop once I get it built. If I can sell planes for the price of materials, I will do that all day long. The building is really the best part, and there is no way I will ever find time to fly more than one or two planes. I want to build about five, though.

  • RV-4
  • C 130(or other multiengine)
  • Float plane
  • P-40 Tigershark
  • F4F Wildcat
  • P51 Mustang
  • Cessna 151
  • F4U Corsair
Clearly, I am not going to have time to fly all of those, especially since Courtney is not into r/c at all.

Plus, I want to build an F-16 model that just came out. This thing is awesome! The engine even slides in and out of the fuselage on rails modeled after the real deal! Talk about detail. And anyone who has known me for a while knows that the F-16 is my favorite jet of all time. The model costs $167. For that price, it better be pretty damn detailed. Here's the link:

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