Sunday, March 06, 2005

Bike Search II

So, on Friday, I applied for a HELOC(Home Equity Line Of Credit). If we get the loan, we are going to pay off the higher-interest loan from Re's engagement ring, and buy me a bike. I haven't found a black one, but I found this one:

I actually like this one better than the black one. It will probably cost around $5500. Man, that is the sweetest bike I have seen yet. I am totally in love with it.

We should know about the loan on Tuesday, according to my mortgage guy. I hope we get the loan. The tax savings would be nice, and then, once we sell the house and move, we will have gotten rid of almost all of our debt(minus cars & house). The only other thing we will have is my RTG account, which we should have paid off next year. Go us!

I am so stoked about getting a motorcycle. My wife is the best ever. I have talked to a lot of other guys whose wives/girlfriends have either poo-pooed on them getting a bike, or downright stopped them from doing it. My wife has tried several times to purchase me one, just couldn't get the funding together. Many other new moms tend to stop their husbands from doing anything remotely dangerous, my wife encouraged me to get us a gun, and is totally supporting me on the motorcycle.

I am so lucky to have found such a wonderful woman. I wish everyone in the world could be as happy as Courtney and I are together. I love you, Re.

In Totus Vici

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