Sunday, January 08, 2006


We interrupt this house hell broadcast to bring you breaking news on the work front.

Courtney is leaving her job. She got a demotion last week, and was told to report to the girl who she hired and trained, and who reported to her for two years. This was the final straw in a list of huge straws. They have been jerking her around since she started.

To make up for this negativity, I got a promotion to Lead Developer this week. The two kind of cancel out, even though Courtney is really stressed out about her job.

So, if you know of anyone looking for an entry level marketing freak, or a senior administrative staff member, or an event coordinator, let us know. You can email me at cullen_waters AT hotmail DOT com.

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Neonalune said... sorry to hear about work trouble...wish I knew someplace that was hiring.

And congrats Cullen on your promotion. Sorry to hear about the not so smooth transition to your new home but hope you guys are settled in now!