Sunday, January 08, 2006

House day 2

Courtney and I got to the closing office at about 9:05 for our 9 am closing. We called the office to let them know we would be a little late. The title company tells us that the buyer's lender is holding things up a little.

At about 9:30, I call the buyer to find out where she is, since she's 30 minutes late. She informs me that no one told her about a meeting that morning. Funny, because I clearly remember telling her that we were set to go at 9am on the 20th.

The title company tells me that the buyer's lender won't be closing that day. They missed the cutoff for wire transfers that day, so it would have to be the next day. We set it up for noon the next day, Wednesday.

Courtney went back to work, and I headed back to the hotel to do some work.

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