Friday, January 06, 2006

House, Day 1

The day is Monday, December 19th. We are scheduled to close on our old house the 20th, at 9am, and close on the new place at 12pm. At noon, I leave work, and head to the old house, with Broderick in tow. We go and pick up the huge, 26-foot UHaul truck.

Broderick and I get busy loading up the truck. After we have about half the house loaded, I get a call from the Pulte closing coordinator, Nicole. She tells me there is a problem with the VA certification on the new house, and it will be Thursday before we can close. I am upset. I think, "Well, at least the problem is relatively minor". I tell Pulte that it isn't fair of them to only give us 22 hours notice that our closing is being moved. They agree to pay for two nights of hotel and two days of UHaul rental. Everything is fine again.

Broderick and I get just about everything loaded, and then Jeremy comes by, after purchasing his brand new truck, and helps with the remainder. We get done at like 10 pm.

Courtney comes over after that, and we drive the UHaul over to her parents' house, and park it in their driveway until Thursday. Then we head to the hotel to settle in (and to sneak Gizzie into the room). Mikayla is staying at her Grannie's until we get into the new house (thanks again, Mike & Mindy).

Not too bad of a day, and I am sleeping the righteous sleep of the exhausted. After all, we did load everything we own into a truck in less than 10 hours. The only other irritation was the noisy cat, who woke us up like 20 times that night. We'll forgive him, though, since he didn't have any choice about staying in the hotel, and didn't even understand why we were in such a funny place.

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