Monday, July 24, 2006

Vystar Credit Union – The worst bank ever

No matter what you might be thinking of doing, don't do business with the worst bank ever. I have many reasons for saying that they are the worst bank ever.

I had accounts with the worst bank ever for 7 years, from 1999-2006. I cannot tell you how many times I was embarrassed or irritated by them. Here's a list of the worst offenses:

  • If you deposit money in your checking account, and then try to use your checkcard, be careful. The check card balance is about 2 days behind your checking account balance. Several times, I was in line at a store (like the Borders on Southside), and the visa wouldn't work. I can remember at least two times when I just walked out into the parking lot of the store, and used an atm to withdraw the money from my checking account, and paid with cash
  • You can only get some money out of an ATM. There's a daily limit of $570 on atm withdrawals from your account. So, if you are on vacation, and want to splurge a bit, but need cash, tough tittie. When we were trying to pay our deposit, we ran into this problem. There aren't any branches of the worst bank ever anywhere in the world except Jacksonville, FL. So, we couldn't go to the bank to get our money, and had to visit the ATM every day for several days, and take out the max each time.
  • In the move, and switching bank accounts, two withdrawals came out of my worst bank ever checking account, causing my overdraft protection to kick in. We sent them a check (to the tune of $200+). Today, I tried to close my account. They told me I couldn't because of an outstanding balance on the overdraft account. The balance was $2.29. Two dollars! I'm certain that I paid Vystar more than $2,000 in interest over the years I had a car loan through them, and I'm sure they've made thousands off of interest from my deposits. Keep in mind, I was a loyal customer for 7 years, despite the irritations.
  • When we went to buy a new car the last time, I contacted Vystar, since I had a car loan through them already. I had never been late on my loan payment, or any other payment to Vystar, in 4 years. They told me they couldn't finance me. No big deal, I'll get financing through the dealership. The dealership got me financed with a local credit union. Vystar (the worst bank ever). So, when I came to them as a loyal, long-term customer, they couldn't help me. When I came as an anonymous car buyer, they were all ready to give me a loan.
  • They let our information be stolen! I received a ton of phishing attacks in email, from people impersonating the worst bank ever. Here's my question: how did the phishers know I was a customer of the worst bank ever? The worst bank ever let some hacker steal a couple thousand customer emails. God knows what else was stolen.

I realize there are a lot of the same links in this post (worst bank ever). I'm trying to see what I can do to get Vystar as the #1 search result if you search for worst bank ever. If you'd like to help me with this project, just link to the worst bank ever, with worst bank ever as the words in the link.

Dumb bastards.


Primate Buddy said...

Yes. I have to agree with you, they are quite bad, if not the worst bank ever. I rather like the most anassuming bank ever since I have never really had problems with them. However, I have had a credit card with worst bank ever for sixteen years or more, had it paid off several times for rather lengthy stretches. Never once has worst bank ever offered me a larger limit. Not only that, but worst bank ever has screwed me similarly with respect to checking vis-a-vis savings. I dislike them, the worst bank ever.

Actually, I think the worst bank ever label belonged to First Union which is now Wachovia which really doesnt make much of a difference, since Wachovia was bought up by First Union, so really Wachovia is First Union when you think about it.

bytehead said...

I think soneone doth protest too much. I'm not aware of too many banks that allow more than $500 from their account in one day. I've heard that you might be able to talk some banks into upping this, but I have yet to find a bank to allow that.

Then again, I used to work for the Ohio Department of Commerce, which regulates financial institutions, and I've learned that just by stating where I work at, people there tended to be quite correct in their behavior. :)

My wife and I went from Atlantic Coast Federal which went from a credit union to who knows what, we were tired of getting charged a fee for anything we wanted to do. We certainly aren't having the issues with Vystar that you are having.

cueye said...

Caullen - Please email me at brogers [at] ucg [dot] com. I'm a reporter and would like to talk to you about your story.

Anonymous said...

I have to say that BANK OF AMERICA has to be the worst bank ever! I was thinking of switching to Vystar because my boyfriend has never had a problem with them and he has been with them for about 7 years also but now after reading that I'm not so sure! Anyways, Bank of America will put holds on your account and not tell you so when you write checks for your bills you're screwed! I have been on the phone with the customer service all morning and they basically told me tough shit! So now I have all these damn overdraft fees for money that is in my account and they won't credit me for any of it! The guy I talked to was a total jerk and he told me that they are not entitled to tell you that there is a hold on your account for an out of state check! What a crock! DO NOT BANK WITH THEM CAUSE YOU WILL GET SCREWED!!!

Anonymous said...

Quit being whinebags, don't you people have a resourceful bone in your body? Do some research, find a bank you like, and get over it...and while you're at it, get a life.

Cullen Waters said...

Wow. That is an incredibly insightful, well thought out comment.

Anonymous said...

Hey people, I used to work for a bank and I've got news for you, Vystar is a CREDIT UNION! I never worked for Vystar and I am not a paycheck to paycheck guy who needs the money the minute I deposit it also. Haven't you heard about funds being available the next business day? Thats how banks and credit unions work. I used to deal with deadbeats like you who would come in and complain about overdraft fees, it was amazing. I'm glad I learned quickly myself and the few times I encountered overdraft fees I stopped what I was doing to create them. As far as Vystar goes, they have GREAT loan rates, I love Vystar! I've got a Visa with a $35,000 limit, no annual fee, 8% FIXED APR, and REWARD POINTS! I've done two HELOCS with them and it was a little slow to set up but there were no fees involved! Not even an appraisal fee. If your dirt poor your going to be pissed at any bank or credit union but don't call Vystar the WORSE, your just ignorant. As far as Bank of America goes, again if your a deadbeat all banks are going to suck, but they aren't as bad as some I've delt with and I actually think they are pretty good, I bank with both and if a problem arises (which I don't remember the last time that was) they have been quick to resolve it. Vystar for GREAT loan rates, Bank Of America for great ACCESS to your accounts through ATM's and online (Vystar has that online thing also!). Sorry, just had to put my two cents into this blog full of people who bounce checks because it shows up on Google when you search Vystar.

Courtney said...

Hey, Mr. Anonymous. You use the word deadbeat so much you must be a bill collector. Real original.

We have heard about fund being available to next business day. That would have been great. FIVE business days later? Not so great.

Usually the type of people who boast about the fact that they don't live paycheck to paycheck, have tons of money and have credit cards with $35,000 limits are the type of people who are scumbags anyway.

But, thanks for the comment! :)


Cullen Waters said...

Anytime someone posts as anonymous,I chuckle. Whenever someone tries to come across as rich, not living paycheck to paycheck, but has really poor grammar I chuckle. Thanks, anonymous, for the double laugh today.


KELLY said...


Anonymous said...

I have to agree,I have wanted to voice a complaint about this bank forever.They lie,and make a killing off of overdraft fees,if you call customer service 5 times,you will get 5 different people with 5 different answers,they don't have a policy that they stick by,for example,I was told that transactions for the next business day are done at 12 nidnight,but that was not true,cause checks come in all day long,I was told that it takes 3-5 days for credit purchases to clear,not true,these purchases hae cleared as ealy as 1 day,the biggest problem that I have is that you don't accurate information,so you don't know what to expect,if you are a company and you expect your customers to follow poily and procedures,then give them something solid,don't tell them one thing,and practice another,because then they are confused and you collect all the fees,and that is how you keep you "free" banking system going.I don't think this is a scheme for the rich but for those that need to keep close watch over their money,they tell you things that will trip you up,but yet keep them making money off of your mistakes.Last but not least,I have had an uncountable number of purchases that will not clear,only to go out to the atm and withdraw the money.I am so happy to no longer be a member,Thanks for the vent.

Angie, Krishna's Mom said...

If you live in Jacksonville, I recommend Jax Federal Credit Union. Their service is awesome, you can do everything online and I don't go to the branch for anything...all online. Check it out --

Anonymous said...

I know for a fact that if you set up an electronic link to Vystar and transfer funds to your account. Those funds are available the next day. I do this every month. I've banked with Vystar for about 3 years and I'm overall satisfied with there service. I did encounter a teller that was unfriendly. The next time I went back to her she cleaned her act up and was nice.

Anonymous said...

As a former military member married to a military member, I've moved quite often. In the last 24 years I've had accounts at over 6 different institutions. Even though I now live in the northern part of the US, I still actively use my Vystar as my primary financial institution.
My husband has an account with a local credit union and I am amazed at the difference btween the two institutions. My DH's CU charges fees for the strangest things. He gets charged $3.00 for performing a POS transaction at the grocery store. I don't have that problem with Vystar.

To address some of Cullen's issues:

1. The last time I heard, checking account balances were sent to the checkcard processor between 4-6 am after the daily processing was done. In addition the check card processing company will not authorize a purchase if your checking account balance is less than $50. So, if you had a $45 dollar balance in your checking account at 7 am and deposited cash, say $200, at 2 pm, your checkcard balnce would not change until the next business day. Note those words business day. Even thou the CU is open on Saturday, that is not a traditional business day.

2. In the past a person holding a plain ATM card could withdraw $400 at a time. However, if you time your withdrawals right, you might be able to get twice that amount in a 24 hour period. Also, since credit and checkcards also work as ATM cards, a person can withdraw the current daily limit on each card they posess as long as the money is in the account.
3. Since it is in Vystar's best interest to make sure the members manage their accounts correctly, they may refuse to lend money to a member. Cullen mentions that he was not late on any Vystar payments. What about payments to credit card companies or payments on other loans not financed through Vystar? Depending on the amount of time and the type of loan Cullen had, the CU may have pulled a credit bureau report. I wonder what was on that?
4. I have recieved phising emails from banks I don't have accounts with. How does Cullen know the infor came from Vystar?

Cullen needs to get his act together.

Anonymous said...

I agree, Vystar does suck! I wont bother saying why i think so, it's already been said. By the way, 8% is not a great interest rate on a credit card. I pay 0% interest for 2 years & 4% after that through USAA. I dont bank with them, just credit card & vehicle loan & they are great, & great customer service:)

Anonymous said...

I just want to add that my problems with Vystar started after they went public. If the ex bank employee remembers correctly they used to be Jax Navy which was not available to the general public. Ever since they have placed new rules on their clients which poses a problem if you are not used to them. Especially if you have holds on your money. Actually, I would say a majority of the people that bank with Vystar are inconvenienced just so the bank never has to be. And for the gentlemen who made the comment about deadbeats.........try running a small business account with Vystar and sending out a check for 9K to pay a vendor and it bounces because $100 was on hold for another 2 days. I wouldn't consider myself a deadbeat for owning a small yet successful business. Vystar is not the place to go and I would not suggest financing anything through them, just don't feed into them

Anonymous said...

1) Vystar isn't a BANK it's a Credit Union

2) You can only use your Vystar card as a credit card if the money is in your account by midnight of the previous day. If you were embarrassed 'several times' you obviously never took the time to figure out WHY you couldn't use your card and continued to make the same mistake thus embarrassing YOURSELF.

3) If Vystar owed YOU $2.29, I doubt you'd tell them to write it off because it's ONLY two dollars.

4) If Vystar couldn't finance your auto loan without dealership assistance (they have a contract and can approve less than worthy borrowers, you just pay higher interest), then perhaps your credit history isn't as stellar as you'd like everyone to believe.

In conclusion, regardless of your bank du jour, you will always run into problems because perhaps, you are the worst customer ever.