Tuesday, October 17, 2006

VSTT: Service Background

I just realized that I've been talking about OfficeLive, but I haven't given you any idea of the user load I'm testing for, or what our performance goals are.

The most used part of our system is a user registration database.  This database is used by OfficeLive, Office Online, and Office 2007 online registration.

The user estimates for all of these services combined is approximately 70 million users over a 1 year period, which equates to 5,833,334 per month. This equates to ~2 users added every second. This number is just an average, though. We have to test to our system to our peak load, not the average load.

Our stress tests have tested our system to 2500 concurrent users.  We estimate that we will be able to support triple that number in production, based on the resource utilization we see with 2500 users.

Building a system to support 70 million entries in a database system comes with a huge set of challenges. I'll continue to share the problems we face, and the solutions we find, as we conquer them.

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