Wednesday, October 04, 2006

More Vista happiness

The screenshots I include with this post don't exactly match the story, but you'll be able to figure it out.

I was messing around with XNA on Vista the other day, and realized something.  I created a new folder, and the icon for that folder was the generic, "I'm a folder" icon.

Then, I put a picture in that folder.  I half expected the folder's icon to change, such that it showed that there was a picture in the folder.

However, what I didn't expect, and was pleasantly surprised to learn, is that the icon was changed in a way that matched the actual picture in the folder.  The picture is a blueprint of a porsche 550. You can see, in the icon for that folder, the outline of the blueprint image, and can definitely see that the icon reflects what is in the folder.

In another folder, I added a couple of items. The icon for that folder showed that there were two items in the folder. It gets even cooler when you have subfolders.

This is going to be a huge timesaver, once we can get our heads wrapped around all the extra information that is in the icon.  Looking for a picture, but you don't remember where you put it?  Just breeze through the folder icons, and you've got a chance to find it.  Can't remember which folder you put that distinct word doc in? Check out the folder icons to find it.

The more I use Vista, the more I like it.

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