Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Taking a tradition too far

Traditions are fun.  I'm a big fan of traditions, especially ones that are humorous in some way.

Here at Microsoft, on your anniversary, employees traditionally put one pound of chocolate goodness (M&Ms are very common) outside their door for every year they have worked in the borg.

We have a guy on our team, Mikky, who has been at Microsoft 15 years. Today, there are 12 pounds of M&Ms outside his door (the last three pounds are in his office; they wouldn't fit in the bowl).

This is definitely a funny example of a tradition that has been taken too far.  Personally, I would have tried to find denser chocolate, so the 15 lbs wouldn't be so large.

Congratulations, Mikky.  We sure are glad you've stuck around so long.

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