Wednesday, June 14, 2006


I have been immortalized.

The number of perks that come with working for Microsoft are amazing. I found out that we are currently building the next Flight Simulator, and that employees are encouraged to become play testers.

Being a huge Flight Sim fan, I signed up right away. One of the guys on the team (an audio engineer) sent out an email request for people to come in and be recorded for the game. They are trying to get some diversity in the in-game voices.

I volunteered immediately, and was chosen. Somehow, somewhere in the next version of Flight Sim, you will be able to hear my voice. The audio engineer working on the project is going to send us all an email telling us exactly what has to happen to be able to hear ourselves in the game. Once I get that email, I’ll post it, so you can all hear me in the game, too. I’m also going to try to get permission to post the .wav files once they are all edited and such.

Coolest job ever.

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ksh said...

too cool...let us know so we can listen. Sounds like a dream job...and fun!