Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Cruise Control .Net working

I got up and working. After fixing the way the service logs on, the vault task was failing again. This was caused by my installation path containing spaces (like “Program Files”). I fixed it rather easily; the fix came from dealing with the same type of issues using command line applications. I surrounded the path to the vault executable with quotes. That took care of the failing source control tasks.

After that, I had to install NUnit on my server, to build the test project. Because I haven’t developed on that box since the last rebuild, I was missing some required components (NUnit, DirectX SDK, etc). Those are all installed now, and my cc tray utility shows green (meaning the projects are building properly). Next up is to integrate NUnit into the build, so it automatically runs the NUnit tests, and then NCover, so I get a code coverage report with every build. This stuff is way cool.

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