Monday, April 24, 2006

SpaceRocks! alpha version

Today, I fixed a problem with the in-game sound. The game had been crashing, when I tried to clone a sound. The problem only showed up when you fired several bullets at once, in such a way that all of the existing SecondaryBuffer objects were playing, and you needed to create a new one.

I fixed that, and did some refactoring today, as well as creating a quick and dirty setup project; about 2 hours worth of work.

As promised, here is the link to SpaceRocks!, alpha version. Play it. Enjoy it. Have fun. Let me know if it sucks. (1.3 MB)

There is one bug that I have seen, and am aware of. Some of the asteroids' textures are messed up. Actually, it's only on medium asteroids, of type 1 and type 3. I'm pretty sure the problem is just the artwork. I'm going to track down this problem next. If you see asteroids that seem to be rotating around some point that is non-center, that's the bug I'm talking about.

The controls are as follows:

  • <a>- left
  • <d>- right
  • <w>- thrust
  • <s>- reverse thrust (this is only for testing purposes, will not be in the release version. Also, this command acts 5x as fast as the thrust command)
  • <space>- fire
  • <q>- end game (simulates dying)
  • <esc>- exit game (leaves the program)

Make sure you have speakers connected, and sound turned on. I'd hate to see all my work debugging the sound player go to waste ;)

[Edit: added known-bug note]

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