Friday, April 07, 2006


I got an offer from Microsoft! Can you believe that?

The salary isn't quite what we were hoping for. It's actually a small step back, if you take cost of living into account. I'm getting about a 10% increase in salary, but we are taking a 20% hit on cost of living.

There are other compensations, though. The benefits are amazing. We don't have to pay a penny for full medical, dental, and vision coverage for the entire family. No copays, no premiums, no prescription costs; nothing out of pocket, ever.

The dress code is lax. As far as I could tell, you just couldn't be naked.

Completely flexible time. One of the test managers I interviewed with normally comes to work around 11am, then heads out for a couple of hours in the afternoon, to go sailing, then works till about 2am. Apparently, MSFT is really big on work-life balance, and letting you set that balance for yourself. I must have heard that work-life balance phrase 30 times Monday.

The relo benefits are awesome. I'm going to come out ahead, because they give you a $750 check for incidentals. Plus, we get an all-expense paid house hunting trip.

I'm also going to get a signing bonus (about 10% of my current salary), and a stock grant (which, at today's prices, is another 10% of my current salary).

It's going to be really hard for Courtney to leave her family, since she hasn't ever lived away from them. It's not as hard for me, since I had the whole Marine Corps thing to prepare me.

I have some doubts about whether this is the right thing for us, mostly centered around taking Mik away from her extended family, and taking us away from our support network.

Of course, this isn't necessarily permanent. We can always come back if we hate it, which I don't think we will.

Right now, I'm sticking with stoked about the big adventure. The worst part about it was having to send Eric Sink an email telling him I wasn't going to come interview, since I already had an offer from MSFT. I really feel like I would be failing my family to turn down a solid offer from a great company like MSFT to go interview with a great company like SourceGear. Had I received the same offer from both companies, at the same time, I would have needed days to decide which to accept. MSFT just got in there first, with a concrete offer.

Stay tuned, and I'll provide more information as I get it.

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