Friday, April 07, 2006

Big huge news

I've got a Microsoft interview scheduled! Courtney and I are going out to Seattle for 17-21 March, with my 5 SDET interviews scheduled for March 20th.

I had two phone screens before this, one with a recruiter, and one with a test manager.

MSFT presented me with 4 teams that are interested in talking to me. Guess how they choose which ones I interview with (you can only interview with 2 teams)? They asked me which ones sounded coolest to me.

The four teams were(in my coolness order):
  1. Office Live
  2. Small Business Accounting
  3. Dynamics CRM
  4. Setup and Deployment (.NET Framework)

I'll let you know how things went, and what a MSFT interview day is really like in my next post.


Anonymous said...


Thanks for the cool posts and congrats for the job at MS. If possible could you please pass on some views.

When you interviewed for a SDET position were you working on a dev position or a tester position? basically the question is, is the SDET position good for some one who has spent around 7-8 yrs as a dev? I have just heard from MS recruiters for SDET positions and wanted to check before starting with the interviews.

thanks very much.

Cullen Waters said...

I was working as a dev; I've never been a tester, nor have I seen a place where testers wrote code before.

I spend at least 70% of my time writing code of some sort. Plus, if nothing else, it's a foot in the door, and moving teams within Microsoft is really easy.