Tuesday, April 03, 2007

New computer goodness

I just bought a bunch of new stuff for my computer. Well, I actually only got two things, but it's going to make my home pc feel like a new machine.

I got a smoking hot new video card. This is the first video card i've had that's 'top o the line'. Well, almost top of the line. Top of the line was like $900, and I don't care about my computer that much anymore. It's an nVidia 7950GT. Like that means anything to my readers, right?

Here's the deal: Games have these sliders all over the place, which let you specify what level of detail and visual goodness you want in the game. Currently, most of my sliders are way to the left (little detail), and I run games at a low resolution (1024x768) compared to what I have my desktop set at (1600x1200).

Tomorrow, assuming the new card arrives, I'll be able to pump up my resolution to 1600x1200, and turn ALL the sliders all the way to the right. That means I'll be seeing sweat bead, and flies buzzing when I'm playing. yay for me!

I also got a new motherboard, since this new video card wouldn't work with my existing one. Luckily, I found a motherboard that supports my current CPU, so I don't have to get a new processor. The mobo also supports the newer Intel chips, though, so when I'm ready (next year's tax return, maybe), I can get the new quad processor chip from Intel, and more than double my computing horsepower. I'm totally stoked, and can't wait until tomorrow.

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