Tuesday, May 02, 2006

SpaceRocks version 0.0.7

Ok, here's the latest drop.

In this release, I have added a few GUI elements (score, number of lives, level indicator), and added the concept of levels. Also, I enabled the code that allows you to have multiple lives (they were always there, I just had the game assuming only one life).

I played for about 5 minutes, and got to level 3, with like 17000 points. I quit playing then, with 3 lives left, because I was just running a test.

We're getting to the point where I could use your feedback. If you have suggestions about game play (too hard, too easy, gets hard too quickly, etc), please leave me a comment. Also, if you get a really good score, you could post it.

Here's the link again: SpaceRocks!

If you don't have it already, you'll need DirectX 9.0c.


Neonalune said...

All I can say is I sure as hell hope Courtney starts her own blog when you guys move cuz I just can't read this stuff!!! :-)

Zman said...

Hey Cullen, drop me an email at zman@thezbuffer.com. I got some feedback for you but too much for in a comment.

Anonymous said...


The app did not run for me. Send me an email at kakridge@gmail.com. I wanted to know if you used or considered implementing aspects of the game as FSMs.

-Kenny Akridge