Friday, May 19, 2006

How we got to Microsoft, Vol 2

After the house hunting trip, we didn't really have anything to do in regards to reocating. I left my previous employer on 4/28, and spent 10 days or so just hanging out with Courtney and Mikayla, catching up on some quality family time.

Around about 5/8, things started getting hectic. We did about 15 loads of laundry between the 7th and the 10th, so we wouldn't be shipping dirty clothes. We also went through all our clothes, and donated like 4 or 5 bags worth of clothing to Goodwill.

The packers showed up on 5/9, to pack the house. That took about 6-7 hours. They were very efficient. One guy packed the whole upstairs, by himself, in less than 5 hours. Hell of a feat, in my opinion. After the packers left, we had nothing to sleep on, and nothing to entertain ourselves with. We checked into a Quality Inn. It should have been Quality Lacking Inn. There wasn't anything too wrong with the room, but there wasn't really anything that right about the room either, know what I mean?

The following morning, the loading crew showed up to load our stuff into a truck. These guys were very efficient too. There were two and a half of them (three bodies, but one guy was seriously slow). They loaded everything we own into a 28' truck, except my motorcycle. Apparently, they had a paperwork mixup, and didn't know the bike was coming. I ended up riding the bike over to their warehouse (7 miles from the house). That was the most uncomfortable ride ever. I didn't have any of my gear, since it was all in a box stuffed in the truck.

Once the truck was loaded, we went up to the airport, and stayed at the Clarion on the airport grounds. We got there around 10 or so, and just collapsed into bed.

The hard stuff was finally over.


Anonymous said...

Hi Cullen

We happened upon your Blog when my father in law asked me what blog was. His name is Cullen MacLeod and I did Cullen Blog just see what would come up. He wants to know how you got your first name. His mothers maiden name was Cullen and was from Nova Scotia.
Just curious.

Cullen Waters said...

I'm not entirely certain where my name comes from. I know that it has been in my family for at least three generations. My father and my grandfather were both named Cullen. My grandfather was Cullen Felix Waters, from Pavo, Georgia. He was a farmer and a mechanic, and served in WWII in Europe.

I believe that our family's history has been traced back to Wales. My wife has more details about that, and if you ask nicely, she might even be willing to write a blog post talking about it. Maybe. If you can get her off her butt.

Mom said...

Your name was originally a family last name...Papa told me about it when I asked him before you were born. He said there was only a daughter left in the Cullen side of the family branch, and she named her son Cullen to keep the family name alive.