Tuesday, February 07, 2006

We be needing some new source control

Today, I found another reason why we should change our source control product. You'd think, after more than a year, I would have discovered all of the reasons, but I found another one.

I am at a client site, in Houston, TX. While visiting at this client, I needed to make a change to our code base. No problem, right? We use SourceOffSite, we can connect to our SourceSafe backend over the internet.

Except, I couldn't log in to SOS. We use an unusual port for source control. I think the client was blocking all outbound traffic except 80 and 443. So, our solution is to VPN to our network, and then connect to SOS.

Except, since they are blocking most of the traffic, I can't connect to the VPN either.

It's too bad there isn't a really reliable source control product that works over port 80, so networks allow the traffic. Cough, cough. Like, I don't know, Vault.

Did I mention that I talked to the owner and creator of Vault, and he told me he could get my company a great deal on the software?

How many times do we have to look like idiots in front of clients before it's worth paying for decent source control?

Man, if only someone at my company, with the authority to make these kind of decisions, read my blog. Maybe we could get hooked up with some decent source control.

Did I mention that the retail cost is only $329 with integrated bug tracking? Or $289 without? Once again, that is the retail price, not our price.

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Anonymous said...

You never know who may be reading your blog... :)