Thursday, June 23, 2005

Crazy busy

Work has been crazy busy lately. The last month is the first time since I left Okinawa that I have put in a significant amount of overtime. It's been pretty consistent, too. Yesterday I left at 5, and felt like I had an extra two hours to entertain myself.

Of course, I wasted an hour by making a bad gamble. I heard on the radio in the morning that the 295->9a connection was complete, and open. I figured that meant that you could go from 295s to 9a north, since it was rush hour, and that's the way traffic runs in the am.

When it was time to leave, I was struck by the thought that since they opened one direction, there was a decent chance that they had opened both directions. So, I would be able to take 9a south to 295 north. The only danger is that if the road weren't opened, I'd be stuck way south on Phillips, with no easy way to get home.

It was closed.

So, I thought "no problem, hit US1 N, and get on 95, then 295, should only waste another 5 mins". Not. Phillips was backed up all the way from 95 to 9a. That's a good 4 or 5 miles. Solid, bumper to bumper traffic. And there's the dumb woman who tried to brake check me. She thought I was too close, and I thought she was too slow, since there were like 4 empty car lengths in front of her.

Once I saw Phillips, I decided to hit Greenland, since there were very few people turning onto that road. Yeah, till I hit Mandarin HS. Backed up from there to St Aug. Solid line of cars, for like 2 miles. And they were all going straight. I wanted to go right. That is so frustrating, being stuck behind 200 drivers going straight, when you just want to turn right.

I jumped like 3 curbs yesterday.

Once I got on 295 at St Aug, it was pretty smooth sailing.

Course, it was still a 65 minute drive, which is about 25 minutes past my patience limit.

Definitely not going that route again until the new interchange is done.

Lazy bastard construction guys.
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