Friday, February 25, 2005

What to do?

I have been thinking about abandoning the journal that I created. I am the only person writing in it, really, and I yearn for a richer feature set. The only thing my journal does that all blogs don't do is allow me to assign various levels of privacy to my rants. All blog engines allow you to make an entry public or private, but I don't think they let you define groups of people that are at different levels of privilege. So, I am thinking of either using TelligentSystems Community Server, or the .Text blogging engine on my site. Alternatively, I could create an MSN Space for free, or try to find some other free blog hosting community.

I think I may go that route. So far, the TelligentSystems software has been TOO slow. It takes forever for each request to process. I don't know what they did wrong, but it don't work so well, ya know?

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