Friday, March 06, 2009

Duplicity in Advertising?

I just installed Java on my home PC.  Amazing how often I forget to do that, until I need to run a java app.  For reference, it’s been weeks since I went to win7 at home, and I just, today, needed java installed.

Anyway, the java installer tries to install the MSN toolbar also.  Big win for MSN, bundling the toolbar with java, rather than having google’s toolbar bundled.  I bet that bundle results in tons more installations (and more ad revenue, I bet).

Right after the option to install the MSN toolbar is an ad for openoffice, which is a direct competitor (though with very minor market share) to MS Office.

I wonder if the guys that built that installer felt dirty while they did it?  I would have, selling ad space on page1 to MS, and ad space on page2 to a competitor, and having to code each explicitly, rather than it being a byproduct of some advertising mashup or whatever.

What do you think?  Semi dirty?  Or just fine, as a business practice?

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karen said...

if you are in the ad business, the more competitors the better. At least the user has the option to install or not....