Friday, November 18, 2005

You won't believe this story

We are sitting on the couch watching "Reba" on WB. One of the women was talking to an OnStar-type guy, and he was talking about all the times they had shared. He mentioned something that reminded me of the funniest story in my life. He was talking about the time that the girl on TV locked herself in the trunk.

Sounds funny, right? Someone locking themselves in the trunk. That could never happen. Not in real life.

Except for that one time. So, imagine this scenario: you're an operator. Not a 911 operator, but a AAA operator. You get a call. Some kookie lady is on the phone, but you're having a hard time understanding her. It sounds like she's in an elevator or something.

"What's that you say, ma'am? You locked your trunk?" I know what you're thinking; just unlock it, right? I mean, trunks lock when you close them. You just open it again. No biggie. "Do you have a trunk release inside the car? Use that. What? You can't get to it? Why not?"

"OH, you're IN the trunk? Well, I certainly think this qualifies as an emergency, we'll get someone out there in the next 10 minutes."

Bet you can't guess who the kook in the trunk is, can you?

Oh yeah, you guessed it. It was my dear wife, Courtney. She was going to the bank, and managed to lock herself in her own trunk. No one pushed her; or forced her into the trunk at gunpoint. She just fell in. Who falls in their own trunk? And lets the trunk close on them?

So, AAA guy comes, and lets her out of the trunk of the car. The funny part is that she had a Neon, and had two LARGE speakers in the trunk. There wasn't enough room in that trunk for a suitcase; no idea how she fit in the trunk. It would take me an hour to fold myself into the thing.

But wait, there's more! When I heard the story, I just had one question for Courtney. Why didn't you use the glow-in-the-dark EMERGENCY HANDLE? The big green thing that, when you pull on it, releases the trunk hatch. The thing that is inside the trunk in case you somehow manage to get locked into your trunk. Like anyone would do that, right?

Well, anyone except Courtney.

I can't tell you how much I laugh every time I think about that story. I just wanted to share it with everyone. Hope you liked it.
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Neonalune said...



You sure you weren't just trying to get some time off from work??

'innie said...

LOL....too funny. Can't wait to tell Mikayla.

Courtney said...

Thanks, Holly. I had decided that I needed a break from my part-time job as an "entertainer" on Philips and Emerson. I couldn't really tell that I needed some time off. So, I figured I would just lock myself in the the heat. All I could hear was the old AAA guy mumbling, "Neber 'n my life have I ever heard 'bout someone gettin' locked in thar trunk all by demselves. This here will be the funniest damn story to tell everyone this year." Glad I could provide that service, Mr. Pop-A-Lock-Guy-Who-Saves-Idiots-From-Their-Trunks (background music - Reeeall Men of Geeeniuuusss!!) Cullen forgot to mention the crowd of people waiting for me as the Lifesaver guy stepped back. I actually got applause. Too bad it was because of something so retarded...

'innie said...

Honey, you've been trippin over those 2 left feet you have all of your life. It's good to see that Mikayla has one of each....(braggin granny) that she has started to walk. aawww.. such a big girl. Growing up fast.