Thursday, August 18, 2005

Hospital Trip #1,294,763

Monday night, at 11:30, Courtney woke me up to tell me she was heading to the hospital.  Guess what was wrong with her?  Abdominal pain.  Big surprise, right?  It was pretty bad, again.

She got there around midnight, and got taken back into the ER pretty much right away.  Of course, she didn’t see a doctor until 5:30 in the morning.  6 HOURS of excruciating pain before she got any relief.  What is the fucking point of a fucking hospital if they aren’t going to give you any medicine to help you?

They discharged her around noon on Tuesday.  End result: Abdominal pain, unknown cause.  That is like the FIFTH time we have gotten that diagnosis.  They gave her two days worth of pain medicine, and told her to follow up with her primary doctor.  Who was out of ideas 3 months ago.  So, he’ll just refer her to a GI specialist.  Who she saw two weeks ago.  They’ll want to do some scope work.  Which they did two weeks ago.  Then they’ll probably want to do some kind of non-invasive surgery.  Which they did last week.

And then, next month, we’ll have to take Courtney back to the hospital again, to deal with another abdominal pain, unknown cause.

This is so frustrating, even for me.  And I’m not in pain.  I feel so bad for Courtney.  So, if you see her or talk to her in the next few days, be extra nice to her.  And, if you don’t think you’ll be talking to her, call her.  She can use the extra support.

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