Tuesday, July 12, 2005

I have been Inspired

As many of you probably know, I have a strong desire to program 3d computer games. I have always had a problem starting something, and not finishing it. Well, I read an article today that totally inspired me to get my first game out the door. I decided a long time ago to write an Asteroids® clone.

My curiosity has always been the greatest threat to my ability to finish the game. At one point, I had a ship on the screen, and asteroids that flew towards the ship. I got stuck trying to figure out velocities for the ship, and kinda gave up on the coding. I focused on 3d modeling for a while, but then XP broke my 3d modeling program, and the project has languished.

Here's the article that inspired me: A Game in a Week. The article inspired me in a very specific way. I am going to write my Asteroids® clone. I am going to complete it soon.

Since my biggest goal is to get a project out-the-door(OTD), I have chosen .Net as my dev platform, using C# for the language. I am going to use freely available artwork and sound, so I don't get tied up in that part again. I am going to use my game dev books as reference, for when I get stuck, rather than for leisure reading(as in the past).

This is my manifesto. I will complete the game. I am giving myself 80 hours of development time before the game goes OTD. Once v1 is in a playable format, I will post it to my gaming site (Games.CSquaredComputing.com), so you can all download and play it. I will try to include some way for you to submit bug reports and comments, so I can make the game better.

Stay tuned for my project plan, it's coming next.
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