Saturday, June 24, 2006

Potty Training - Not For the Computer Geeks...Sorry!

I was asked to repost this here by the MSN Group...

Mikayla has started showing some of the classic signs of being ready for potty training. So we decided that we would give it a shot.

Day One – We went to Target to purchase a potty chair for our little Mik. After looking at the small selection they had available at Target, I had picked out a very simple (read easy to clean) potty made by BabyBjorn. Of course, Daddy wanted the potty with all of the bells and whistles…literally. My thought was that if I was doing my business and all of a sudden the toilet started playing a nice little tune, I would be pretty freaked out. This was not a battle to win…I caved and we purchased the
Royal Potty by Fisher-Price for $19.99.

“The Royal Potty is themed with a colorful "throne" which includes a child directed potty story book. Features 2 musical rewards, one for sitting on the potty, and a much more royal reward which activates after a successful potty "experience".”

A "child directed potty story book"? WTF?

A guide also came along with the potty on how to help your little prince or princess in the toilet transition:

“So your little prince or princess is ready to use the Royal Potty! Are you ready with the time, energy and patience required for this giant step? While there is no “magic” process that will instantly train your little one, your Royal Potty can make things more fun along the way.”

Big, freakin’ whoop…can’t you tell I’m so excited. <insert sarcasm here>

“Reading a book – keeping some favorite books handy may help your little ones pass the time while sitting on the potty. You can start with ‘A Throne of Their Own’, the book included with your Royal Potty, then perhaps introduce some other favorites as potty training progresses.”

Hmmm…Check. She learned this step months ago from Daddy. If she follows us into the bathroom, she brings her own book.

“Royal rewards – the royal tunes children hear every time they sit, and again when they make a ‘contribution’ in the Royal Potty, is a fun way to reward success and a great motivation for a return trip. For those princes and princesses who need additional incentive, you’ll also find a rewards chart and reusable stickers. Celebrate each successful potty trip with a sticker on the chart. The stickers come in two different colors, representing each type of potty ‘contribution’.”

Lemme guess. A yellow sticker for number one and a brown sticker for number two? I was wrong; a sticker with one dot on it is got it! Number 1! And a sticker with two dots on it is for Number 2! How Creative! (For those of you who might not have caught on…a contribution means pee or shit.)

Yip. E. Skip. E. What fun. <insert even more sarcasm here>

We were sitting on the couch getting ready to watch Treasurer Hunters when Mik walked into the living room holding the box (that was as big as she was) that contained her Royal Potty. Cullen took it out of the box and put it together for her (a huge task all in itself). He showed her how if she put her hand in the hole it would sing her a cute, little song. She promptly sat on it and shoved her hand between her legs and into the hole (keep your heads outta the gutter people!). It played the song and she did a little dance…on the toilet…feet kickin’ and arms swingin’. “Oh, that was great!,” she thought. For the next half-hour she sat on the toilet and put her hand between her legs so she could listen to the song.

<Mental Picture Time!>

How in the hell we are going to get her out of that habit once she starts making “contributions”, I have no idea. I guess that’s a story for another day.

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When you told this on the MSN site I about yellow stickered my pants....Now I think maybe I did...Opps