Saturday, June 24, 2006

Potty Training - Day Two (technically Day Five, but who's counting? Surely Not Me!)

Day Two: We are taking the whole potty training thing pretty slowly. She is only 18-months old after all. I don't believe there are many adults who aren't potty trained. That's a good sign, right? Can't be that hard, right? Mwahahaha!

Sometimes, while she's playing, she kinda bends her knees a little and stares off into space with this blissful look on her face. To anyone taking a glance, she looks just like a little girl daydreaming...Not so much. She's really just happy now because her
Number 1 just warmed her ass right up in our 40 degree house. Since I am trying to get Mikayla to understand exactly what is supposed to go into her Royal Potty, once I see that peaceful look, I scare the shit outta her (sometimes literally) and say, "Hurry, Mik! To the bathroom!". She jumps a little and takes off running for the bathroom. Now, only people who have seen her run will know just how cute this really is...she swings her right arm from front to back and her nonmoving left arm is plastered to her moving left leg.

But, I digress...

So, on Day Two, before she sat on her
Royal Throne, I took off her diaper and pointed to it and said, "Pee Pee," a couple of times. I then pointed to her and said, "You go pee pee," and then pointed to the toilet, "in the potty".

A pee pee in the pot-tay...A pee pee in the pot-tay!
(This is purely for my own entertainment and her misery. That's my job.)

She grabbed the diaper outta my hand and dropped it into her potty and sat down. She was promptly rewarded with a Royal Tune to which she clapped and did her Potty Jig. The Pee Pee was now in the Potty.

OOOkkaaaay. I had a different idea, but I can deal with that. Slowly but surely...they say that is what wins the race...right?

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