Friday, October 07, 2005

Courtney the Volunteer

I was watching the new show "Three Wishes" tonight with Amy Grant. She goes around the country and grants the wishes of three people/familes on every show. Tonight, the episode included a family from New Orleans that lost everything in Hurricane Katrina. Even though it has been over a month since this tragedy, I still get shocked every time I see the images. Sewage filled streets, empty highways, three story houses with water to the roof, the Super Dome with more than 5,000 displaced families, and the most heartbreaking of all to me as a new mom, the many babies and children that have either been abandoned or lost. As my eyes filled with tears thinking about these poor people, I started wondering how exactly I could help. And it came to me. My boss says it almost every day. "Think Globally, Act Locally." He usually doesn't mean it this way, but that was okay.

I have decided to sign up for Volunteer Jacksonville. If you are interested, visit I will update you with my progress as a new Volunteer.


Neonalune said...

Cool! You figured it out Court! That's awesome you're volunteering!

Courtney said...

Thanks, Holly. We'll see how it goes. They have a list of things that are open right now, but most of them are 8-5 type volunteer "jobs"...unfortunately, I have to help support my family and can't do it then.